The trend of Cigars – What is it?

I don’t know if you are aware but recently cigar smoking has been under heavy fire with new bans coming in place even though ban of Cuban cigars ban imports was lifted recently.

Now a days with everyone being so anti smoking it is hard to imagine why sudden bans are in place even though we have seen lot of influential people smoking cigars.

Huge numbers of presidents have been photographed smoking a cigar all the way from Winston Churchill to Obama. To really understand what fascinates people about cigars we have to look into what is it about cigar smoking that people have loved so much throughout the years.


Try looking up references or pictures of cigars and you will find successful people in private clubs wearing expensive suits smoking one. It might not be intentional but that is how it has been represented throughout the years.

cigar smoking

Take any show which has ever shown somebody smoking a cigar it would always be someone successful smoking one. Overtime people have started associating smoking a cigar with successful and with the image of a person who breathes money, babes and hectic life.

It has also been associated as the perfect companion for someone who like to enjoy there drinks at the end of a tough (successful) day.

None of it is intentional though, you will never see an ad about a cigar company with all of these qualities to imply that maybe they framed people’s mind into thinking and associating it.

It is something that has just happened overtime and gradually kept increasing. All the way from when an actor cuts a cigar to starts smoking it.

Is it bad?

Is it really bad but? Over time as media hype grew for cigar smoking awareness about the health problems it caused also grew. Which meant fewer and fewer people were getting into the habit and also it truly became a hobby thing.

It became something where it was no longer about a must have to do activity but more about an activity where you could do it once in a while to celebrate the special occasion.

Things like success parties with your boss or even graduation days. Something that screams for a celebration. It can also become your perfect drinking buddy that once in a while when you are in that mood.

All in all it does not have to be a bad habit as long as you are not doing it regularly, it can be a fun hobby for those occasional times when you want to go a step further.