Overwatch – The new game taking over the world

Overwatch a new game by blizzard which has been in beta for years (2 to be exact) has finally been released and is being loved and thoroughly enjoyed by gamers.

Let’s tell you a bit more about the game:-

Overwatch is a single person shooter that is played online to complete a set of objectives. Two teams are put together against each other and the first to complete the challenges or stop the other team from completing them wins the game.

As much as all the fans wanted it, there is no story mode in the game. You can have custom games among your friends and play with your buddies but there is no single player mode to enjoy.


The overwatch shorts were animated shorts that introduced the characters or shared some light on the world of it. They were mostly released for promotional activities and was well received by it’s fans.

The animated shorts introduced multiples of characters such as tracer (fast runner), winston (brain) and soldier 76. Along with the characters it introduced us to the world of it.

Mcree one of my favorites was not introduced in the shorts, he is a cigar smoking gun wielding shooter. I would love to see his cigar ashtray whenever they release his short.

The world:-

The overwatch world was once in war among themselves when bad guys had taken over the world. To disband them and to bring peace back into the world a team was formed which was called overwatch.

Once the war was over, the team was disbanded and declared illegal so no one else could try to harm the peace of world. Now several years later Reaper is back and he wants to destroy the world. In the last short we learn that winston calls for secret overwatch team to handle this.


Overwatch has been loved and enjoyed by many, fans have already started ranking inĀ psn leaderboards. Apart for many fans wanting a solo game mode everything else has been loved thoroughly by the fans and they are loving the game.

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